Once upon a time, a woman had a fatal disease…

That disease was…wanting to write. Write for a living, write until doomsday, write to stave off the demons of despair and desolation, write to change her world. So she did.

That woman – pictured above – is me. Almost three years ago, I began to write on Blogger as MoltenMetalMama. While MoltenMetalMama is no more, I’m still writing to this day, still banging on that keyboard six days a week, still going at it in many places.

The only difference is, now I’m getting noticed. Hence, the move to WordPress.

I write about perfume in my own idiosyncratic way at The Alembicated Genie. I’ve written one novel, of which the first thirteen chapters will be made available at Quantum Demonology, a new and highly alternate version of Faust. I’ve written another novel – this one historical, set in third-century CE Roman Britain and Ireland, at The Effing Book. I write erotica with a friend of mine at The Secret Lives of Thalia and Erato, and finally, I write here.

The Termagant – which explains my particular kind of post-punk personality profile – is the grab box, the virtual soap box, the verbal test lab for everything I can’t fit in anywhere else. Here is a selection of my former writings at Moltenmetalmama, and since this is WordPress, I can hope for a larger audience.

This human pony girl has more than one trick up her tail…The proof is in my prose.

Read all about it!


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